A Cool Meeting

We haven't heard anything from our son yet this week - but I think we have figured out that we should get our letters on Thursday if he writes on Sunday. I have had one of my letters returned already for postage - seems I was .16 cents short - apparently I stuffed more in that little envelope than I thought!

Rumor has it there is a strong focus on cleaning in boot camp! I'm so glad to ehar it - I used to tell my son it wasn't just me - that other people also refused to live in squalor (wink)!

I had my very first POSITIVE experience yesterday of having someone purposely approach me because of the "Proud Parent" sticker on my car! Guy came to my door, told me "I noticed your sticker - son or daughter?" I told him, he rips up his sleeve to display a huge USMC tattoo on his arm. Apparently he lives close by and wanted to connect with us and have us tell our child Thank You. He's now retired (Vietnam), but says the Marine family is just that - family - forever - and welcome to the family! That was just really cool! Anyhow, that has inspired me, and I bought a bunch of Thank You cards yesterday. My first stop will be the guys in my son's platoon - the ones I know of - and my next will by our recruiter's station. Most of they guys over there have been to Iraq at least once, and many lost people or suffered injuries there. I feel moved to tell them that I really do appreciate it, and God Bless their Moms & Dads!

Blessings to all!

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