Feeling Overwhelmed By Motherhood? Top Five Ways To Beat The Mommy Blues

What are the mommy blues? They can be described as the loss of
ability to cope with the repetitive routine and mundane course of daily
child rearing for a specifically isolated period of time. Most mothers will
experience at least some form of mommy blues before their child's
eighteenth birthday. You feel as if you can no longer handle the
fighting, the crying, the tantrums and overall lack of adult interaction. You
needn't feel ashamed for identifying with any of the above, this just
means that yu could benefit from a simple change in your daily routine
for awhile.

Here are 5 simple ways to avoid the mommy blues. You'll notice that all five of these involve taking time for yourself each and every day. "Mommy Time" could be something as simple as soaking in a hot bath first thing in the morning. Gather your favorite spa products such as those from
the earth mama angel baby line. Post a do not disturb sign on the door
and strictly prosecute any violations!!

Exercise can also calm you down and help you cope with stressful situations. You should include some form of slow paced exercise such as an early morning walk around the block or a 30 minute stretching video. The slow yet invigorating pace of the exercise will begin to release your feel good hormones thus lending a more relaxed tone to the rest of the day.

"Mommy Time" should encompass some sort of creative activity to remind you of your personal interests. If you enjoy photography why not start a scrapbook where you can catalog your photos as well as do some creative journaling. Your scrapbook does not have to be about kids and family but if you prefer it be , then you might consider some beautiful baby memory books that include spaces for journaling.

Your "Mommy Time" should be sure to contain at least some kind of daily
conversation with another adult beside your spouse. This would be a great
opportunity to call a girlfriend or out of town sibling for a brief
chat. Keep the conversation positive! Don't spoil your "You Time" by
discussing negative subjects that will probably leave you feeling
emotionally drained.

Finally, the most important step before beginning your new routine is
to get your husband on board. You will need his support to make sure
you are not disturbed while taking time for yourself. Surprisingly, most
husbands would like to see their wives relax a little more and are
willing to help make that happen.

Taking time for yourself should not be viewed as a selfish endeavor.
This will only leave you feeling more refreshed and ready to be a better
parent and wife. We all need that little something to look forward to
each day and this can only help us to enjoy life with our family all
the more.

Cinda Serafin is a contributing parenting resource writer for Brown Eyed Baby Boutique, an industry leader in the field of personalized baby gifts.

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