Having a Tea Party With Your Toddler

Well all of those baths with the plastic cups and bowls have paid off. My daughter can pour tea with the best of them!

Recently I was looking for an innovative way to get my daughter to drink the healthy baby teas, popular in Europe for young children. Actually herbal tisanes made from Rooibos and Honeybush, these teas are safe for the whole family and even expectant mothers.

As a new taste sensation for my daughter she was not yet accustomed to the taste of herbal tea that my husband and I drank on a daily basis and wouldn’t drink the tea without much coaxing. You see my baby had come down with a small cold and these baby teas carry great health benefits along with being high in vitamins.

I decided a mini tea party might do the trick. Already showing a great desire to help mommy out around the house I thought she might like the idea of a special tea just for us.

I got out and washed up her small child’s tea set. I showed her how to set the dishes out.
Then I cut out tiny sandwiches, small pieces of fruit and cheese and covered her kid sized table with a large decorative napkin.

We said grace and then holding her tiny hand in mine I showed her how to pour each cup just below the rim with the fragrant brew.

We sipped and chatted and in a little bit she, on her own, decided I needed a refill. She filled my tiny cup and I thanked her. We ate on.

Shortly afterwards we cleared the table and she showed the familiar signs of needing a nap. But this time she didn’t fuss, or argue. She gave me a sweet smile and snuggled up with her stuffed rabbit ready to drift off to dream land.

At noon each day I’m reminded to begin the preparations for tea and this simple ritual has since become our daily lunch routine. Easy, simples, and special.

Oh and the cold is long gone.

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