Can you Super SIZE Mommy?

I have my own theory concerning the great life of Motherhood. A few years ago, I gave birth to my firstborn. Slowly gradually I noticed a change in my memory. My best friends would tell me “Hun, It’s just hormones.” or : You just need some sleep”. This made great sense when they were saying it. It was the estrogen that was making me forget where I lived, the reason I left my breast outside my shirt when I went to check the mail. Was it a hormone problem that was making me have memory failure?

Before I became a parent, I had tons of theories. I read all the books while I was pregnant. Today I can tell you throw all your theories down the drain. A good theory is “ I don’t know anything, and Yes those are my kids.” My theory is to never be surprised. I will learn to answer the wonderful but surprising questions. “ Mommy, Did you know the dog can fly?” or “ Mommy, where did you get your butt?” Believe me, Girlfriend, this is not the only mystery to the questions they are going to ask you.

In the beginning of great motherhood, cleaning house, staying up for 48 hours with a sick baby,
doing laundry before mildew set in was doable. Three children later, I look for the shooting star so I may make a wish for the “Cleaning Fairy”. I also believe all Mommy’s should write a letter to Maytag and ask them “ Where do all the socks go?”

As I am picking up the living room for the 100th time today, trying to make a mental note of who has gymnastics and what time, who needs clothes cleaned, did the kids eat their lunch and where is the dog? Do we even have a dog? I hear in that sweet little voice “ Mommy, I love you”. I smile.

I believe that every mom goes through a time in their life where you fill you have no direction. Maybe our girlfriends blame it on hormones, maybe our husbands blame it on being disorganized, maybe we believe our children are driving us nuts . When you find yourself in that moment, realize what you have in front of you. Remember the gift of being an amazing mom.
Remember that you are not alone. What are Mothers and Mother in Laws don’t tell us, the times the have looked for the missing socks and the times the “ordered in for dinner”. We probably won't tell our daughter and daughter in laws either!

As your children grow, you will grow! Everything in life has become super sized so have you Mommy!

Article by:
Chaele McMillan is a mother of three. She owns The Perfect Image, Mom State University and the Operation Manager for Sunrise Retreats She also owns a Photography studio out of her home.

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